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hausaufgaben konstantin

1. Why nobody started to prevent environmental problems before ?

2. Why did nobody invent an new energy source ?

3. Where will the people of swamped areas live?

4. How would governments react, if more and more disasters will happen to our planet?

4.12.06 21:53



What is the reason for the dioxide emissions?


What would be the result if the sea levels will rise?


Whysome experts believe that the warm Gulf Stream could shift away from the UK.?


Which attitude should we do against the greenhouse efect?

4.12.06 20:49


1. What is the reason for the higher sea level?

2. What is the result of the increasing average temperature? 

3.  Why could the increasing average temperature cause a colder climate in Europe?

4. What are the expert's attitude to these climatic changes?


4.12.06 19:16


1. What did the scientists predict?

2. Jet engines do not only give out carbon dioxide, which     other reasons there are?

3. What are the consequences of low-cost airlines?

4. Which things produce how much per cent of the worldwide carbon dioxide?

4.12.06 18:26


1. Why do people, who usually care for the environment, blow it by jumping on cheap flights?

2. Which transport account has the highest carbon dioxide emission worldwide?

3. Do jet engins destroy the environment only by giving out carbon dioxide?

4. What do scientists predict, if global carbon dioxide emissions aren't lowered drastically?

4.12.06 17:38


1.) What are a lot of people doing to protect the nature?  
2.) What are examples for cheap destinations? 
3.) Who are other CO2 producers?  

4.)  What gives jet engines out beside carbon dioxide?

4.12.06 17:01


1. What will happen in the future if we don't lower the emission of carbon dioxid?

2. What is the consequence of the growing number of low-cost airlines in the last few years?

3. What will happen to Britain if the climate will change as dramatic as scientists predict?

4. What is the main reason of the large amount of carbon dioxid in the atmosphere?

4.12.06 15:47

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