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1. What is the reason for the higher rate of plane travelling?

2.What is the result of the higher amount of planes in the air?

3.Why would it be good to stay on the ground?

4.Which attitude do you have of flying?

3.12.06 20:02

Hausaufgabe Tokk

1.What is the reason for the destructiion of the environment?
2. What is the result of flying?
3.Why would it be good to save the environment?
4.Whitch attitude is neccesarry to save the environment?

3.12.06 19:54


1. Which coutries are concerned by natural disasters?

2. What emit jets?

3. Where will the water of floods come from?

4. What produces a lot of carbon dioxid, huh???

5. [Bonus!Hahaaa!] What's a greenhouse and what kind of your favourite food is growing there?

Have fun answering this (more or less) stupid questions....see you tomorrow - I'm xLooking Forwardx !

3.12.06 21:52

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